Ivan Vasilev

Digital product design is my passion.

I launched a peer-to-peer review and hiring platform for product teams, managed a retention-focused team at a Y-Combinator-funded startup, and led a team of over 35 UI engineers to design an online banking experience for millions of users.

Iā€˜m also fluent in Python, Javascript, and data analysis. And there is a Linux server with a powerful video card under my desk; it trains neural networks for breakfast.

I live, love, and work in London.

I worked in New York, London, and Moscow as a product manager, designer, and founder.

Since 2021
I developed a hiring platform for product teams featuring peer-to-peer reviews, video interviews, and a machine learning-based candidate search. Since its inception, over 1,000 designers have used it to prepare for job interviews.
Sr. product manager
New York
Improved user retention in a fragrance subscription service through customer experience and interface enhancements. Implemented a machine learning-based product recommender.
VP of design
Built out a design department from the ground up, redesigned the online banking experience, and introduced an industrial-grade design system.
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My time zone is whatever time zone is currently in London.