Ivan Vasilev


Digital product design is my passion.

I launched a peer-to-peer review and hiring platform for product teams, managed a retention-focused team at a Y-Combinator-funded startup, and led a team of over 35 UI engineers to design an online banking experience for millions of users.

Iā€˜m also fluent in Python, Javascript, and data analysis. And there is a Linux server with a powerful video card under my desk; it trains neural networks for breakfast.

I live, love, and work in London.

I worked in New York, London, and Moscow as a product manager, designer, and founder.

Since 2021
I developed a hiring platform for product teams featuring peer-to-peer reviews, video interviews, and a machine learning-based candidate search. Since its inception, over 1,000 designers have used it to prepare for job interviews.
Sr. product manager
New York
Improved user retention in a fragrance subscription service through customer experience and interface enhancements. Implemented a machine learning-based product recommender.
VP of design
Built out a design department from the ground up, redesigned the online banking experience, and introduced an industrial-grade design system.
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Presentum's UI refresh

November 23, 2023
I decided to refresh Presentum's UI a bit before going public with the service. If you've been following our story, you'll likely find this update enjoyable. Please visit the updated presentum.io and share your thoughts!

Whisper AI at the heart of Presentum

November 7, 2023
OpenAI recently open-sourced their speech recognition model, which is fantastic news. This development allows me to integrate this tool into Presentum. I've built a prototype that processes a video from the platform and generates accurate text. Combined with OpenCV, an open-source computer vision library, interviewing practices are transformed into searchable documents. Based on the data, I can create comprehensive profiles for each candidate, enabling meaningful searches. You can describe what you're looking for, and the system will find candidates based on their stories. Plus, hiring managers can immediately watch the related video. Incredible!

Vipassana experience

November 1, 2023
I hadn't taken Vipassana seriously until summer 2023, when I applied and was accepted for a 10-day course. My experience in October was refreshingly awesome. It's not about religion or spirituality; it's about self-understanding. Ten days of noble silence and meditation, completely disconnected from all communication, were enlightening. I highly recommend it, though it's far from a vacation ā€“ meditating for about 10 hours daily is challenging. My only regret is not doing it 15 years earlier.

My mechanical keyboards journey (ended..?)

October 5, 2023
I recently realised I've tried around half a dozen mechanical keyboards and consistently used three over the last five years. However, since switching to the M1 MacBook Air with its excellent keyboard, I've been using it more frequently. Eventually, I needed a full keyboard with a numpad for Blender and similar apps, leading me to the Magic Keyboard, which I'm very satisfied with. My top three keyboards are: Das Keyboard 4, Logitech MX Mechanical (with fantastic backlighting), and now the full-sized Apple Magic Keyboard. I know some people aren't particular about keyboards, but for me, they've become an extension of my hands, especially since I began coding and writing extensively every day.


My time zone is whatever time zone is currently in London.