Ivan RockBee Vasilev

Creative/Design director with more than 15 years of experience in digital product design (UX/UI), advertising and branding


Digital product design
Typography and fonts design
Advertising and copywriting
HTML/CSS for rapid prototyping

Career highlights

2017: Introducing Alfa-Bank Design System.

2013: Wrote a book about developing brand identity and creating trademarks (published in Mann, Ivanov & Ferber, one of the best known business publishing houses in Russia).

2012-2014: Сampaigns and projects through Alfa-Bank period — Alfa/Iron Man 3 campaign, new Alfa-Click launch (famous russian online banking), PFM in the online banking and in mobile app (design and launch), new concept of mobile banking apps and new concept of online banking.

2001-2012: Founded and managed design studio which was subsequently acquired by one of the largest digital agencies in St. Petersburg (Russia). Created at least 2 websites or corporate identities every 3 month in studio and later in Molinos agency, some of these websites recieved “Runet’s Rating” awards (for example, sobaka.ru in 2012).

1998: Co-founded a successful start-up while in high school. “Soft5” quickly captured a significant market share and existed until 2012. The KravNetAdmin automation products for LAN centers such as internet cafe's and PC gaming clubs. The KravNetAdmin software suite manages multiple accounting and security aspects of such centers.

Show complete Résumé

  • Product designer

    Scentbird (New York, USA) May 2018 – present

    • Customer development, interviews
    • Navigation/Usability research
    • Prototyping
    • Collaborations with retention and core product teams to improve customers LTV
  • Product Designer (contractor)

    Synchronoss (New Jersey, USA) April 2016 – March 2017

    • Mobile application design
    • UX research
    • UI concept, unique styling (iOS/Android), icons
    • Prototyping
  • e-Channels Design Director (title of Head of Design and Communication Center)

    Alfa-Bank, Alfa-Lab (Moscow, Russia) September 2013 – May 2018

    • Formed brand new department.
    • Created and implemented Design System
    • Hired team of professionals in UI design and web development.
    • Developed new concept of future online and mobile banking functionality, it's look and feel.
    • UX/UI research, design and development.
    • New products launch.
  • e-Channels Project Manager in Marketing Department

    Alfa-Bank (Moscow, Russia) March 2012 – September 2013

    • Advertising campaigns for online banking, mobile banking and SMS-banking services.
    • Created ads, websites, planned campaigns, messages, both offline (print, outdoor and video) and digital.
  • Head of Web Development and Design Department

    Molinos Advertising Agency (St. Petersburg, Russia) February 2010 – March 2012

    • Client engagement
    • Web development and online advertising
    • HR (managing a team of 10 persons)
    • Art-direction
    • Projects management
  • Founder, business owner, art-director

    RockBee Design Studio (St. Petersburg, Russia) April 2006 – March 2012

    • Client engagement
    • Web and brand identity design
    • HR (hired and managed a team of 5 persons)
    • Projects management
  • Co-founder, sales manager, designer

    Soft5 (St. Petersburg, Russia) 1998 – 2001

    • UI design for software (icons, windows, colors, etc.) — ideas and mock-ups.
    • Direct sales and customer support (by phone, e-mail and on-site customer visits).
    • Website design and online advertising/sales (mostly forums and BBS’ at that time, but it worked well for sales in other cities and countries as well).

    We sold over 100 copies in our city in the first year, then in different cities and countries.

    Translated project’s manual and UI into English, prepared first marketing materials of our software.

    When company matured, trained new salesmen.


Hey guys, I can publish only outdated works. Most of my recent projects (where I acted as a product designer) are under NDA.



Some of recent projects at Behance. The most interesting is Alfa-Mobile Concept.

Book on branding

My book on branding. Short description of this case, couple of words about design process and so on.


Some finished fonts at MyFonts (I have much more, but they were created mostly for local purposes and haven’t been polished to production scale).

Design System

Short story about creating Design System at Alfa-Bank. Important thing in Product Design. Published at Medium.


I’m generally available to speak about digital product design, lean production and design systems at your conference or company.


January, 29

Design Team and 10 Product Design Principles; Digital Product Design Intensive at British Higher School of Design, Moscow, Russia


Product Design: Processes, UX/UI Intensive at British Higher School of Design, Moscow, Russia

September, 30

Common Mistakes in Digital Product Design, Design Weekend, Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

October, 20

Designer 2022, World Festival of Youth and Students, Sochi, Russia

November, 28

Designer 2022, Great Eight Festival, Moscow, Russia


January, 25

Product Design: Processes, UX/UI Intensive at British Higher School of Design, Moscow, Russia

March, 6

Product Design: Processes, UX/UI Intensive at British Higher School of Design, Moscow, Russia

March, 17

Digital Product Design Test Drive, Moscow, Russia

March, 24 (25)

TBA, Design Weekend, Perm, Russia

March, 31

Digital Product Design: Role, Goal, Method, CodeFest Conference, Novosibirsk, Russia

April, 28 (29)

TBA, Design Prosmotr Forum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Education projects

Digital Product Design intensive course creator, curator and speaker in the British Higher School of Design in Moscow.

This course is for product owners, designers and developers with focus on results instead of processes.

Course gained only positive reviews.

16 speakers—best known in their areas of expertise—shared their knowledge in compressed form in just four days.

Intensive course consists of four parts:

  • Product Design Principles, Design Thinking framework.
  • Teams and collaboration: Lean product development, working in scrum teams.
  • Development tools (web/major mobile platforms) and Design Systems.
  • DevOps, Testing, UX-testing and Release management.

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Ivan Vasilev


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