On branding and trademarks

This book appeared as a result of five years of consulting small businesses on corporate identity and trademarks. It was published in 2013 as a hardcover book, and in 2015 I launched it as a free website.

Book is written in Russian, covers topics from naming and typography to preparing the graphics, and registering a trademark as a seamless process.



p. 9

The difference between trademark and brand. The importance of sequenced tasks, proactive actions instead of following the circumstances.


The creative team

p. 23

Who does what? How many experts and in which areas you need to hire. How to handle urgent projects.


Key employees interviews

p. 32

Situation analysis, development plans, sales or purchases. Prepare for an interview. What to ask and how.


Competitors research

p. 43

Where to start? What kind of information to collect? Why would one conduct such research? Resembling ideas / It just happened. Comparing to competitors without mentioning them / working with the text


Tasks and contracts

p. 56

Types of tasks. Commitments and contracts. Requirements may change. Contract: terms and conditions.


Drafting the content

p. 81

Drafts are enough to start. Drafts: transcripts, compilations, editorial, corrections, draft layouts.


Describing services

p. 95

Listing core services. Graphic representations for core services or business branches. Describing complex services. Publishing price lists.



p. 104

Trademark name before design or vice versa? Tips for creating better names for a product or a company. Essential requirements for names. Inventing names: best practices in naming.


Visualizing the idea: a sign and logo

p. 113

Graphic set. The difference between a sign and logotype. Do you really need a sign? Important notes on working with signs or logotypes. Sketch, concept, and distributive: what is the difference? How to prepare graphic elements for trademark registration


Trademark registration process

p. 133

Trademark registration geography. Selecting the Nice Classification classes is crucial to a company’s strategy. Conduct a preliminary search before trademark registration. What to do during a long year after filing for registration?


Domain names and email addresses

p. 142

Typical domain names registration mistakes. Invest in the domain name, not a website. Email addresses are a part of corporate identity as well.



p. 154

Contact information. Texts version control. How different languages affect layout.


How to determine the production volumes and find a proper production

p. 164

Layouts and production. Determine the list of layouts to design. Consider what exactly needs to be produced before looking for a production house. Think of storage for printed goods.


How to manage graphic sources

p. 181

Brand book: the story, image, and brand’s perception. Guidelines and cut guides: blueprints and how-tos for graphic designers. Database with graphics.


Preparing graphic set distributives for different use cases

p. 197

Visual compensation for different sizes. The different backgrounds may require an entirely new images. Distributive types: summary.



p. 206

Pros and cons of creating new typeface vs. licensing the existing one. A unique typeface for a corporate identity. Thoughts on visual compensation in typefaces. A corporate typeface for quick logotypes production. Corporate typography summary. Bonus track: a few words on fonts legibility and readability.


Graphic Design

p. 224

Design with real content. The design process. Bonus track: what should one mention on their business cards?


p. 250

Recommended reading

p. 252

Approximate timeline

p. 257

Colored illustrations

p. 262

Book information

Ivan Vasilev

The practice of creating trademarks

“Mann, Ivanov and Ferber” Publishing house

Moscow, 2013

BBK 659.1:347.772

UDK 30.182


Vasilev I.

The Practice of Creating Trademarks / Ivan Vasilev. — M.: Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, 2013. — 288 p/

ISBN 978-5-91657-545-3

This book is about the process of creating trademark and corporate identity. Author describes the whole project: from setting up the task, studying competitors, exploring different ideas, designing graphics and communications the customer prior to registering a trademark and selecting a domain name, how these results will be uses in company’s daily tasks.

This is the very guide to action which was needed for a long time for everyone in need of trademark or corporate identity. The book will be useful to entrepreneurs, designers and marketers.

BBK 659.1:347.772

UDK 30.182

ISBN 978-5-91657-545-3

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