Ivan Vasilev

digital product designer and data science enthusiast

Spearheaded Scentbird's digital product redesign and launched ML-based fragrance recommender as a product manager and designer. Built a design department of 30+ designers and launched the design system in one of the biggest banks in Russia to speed up the digital transformation.

Author of a book on branding and trademarks (published in 2013) and Digital Product Design crash course in the British Higher School of Design (2017).

Hands-on: Figma/Adobe CS; HTML/Sass/JS; data analysis with Python (pandas, scikit-learn, etc.); SQL; Flask.



New-York-based fragrance subscription startup with over 300,000 active subscribers. Spearheaded Scentbird’s redesign in its customer-centric efforts. Developed the retention strategy. Launched native iOS app, improved web navigation and implemented ML-based recommendation system.

Product manager / designer

May 2018 — April 2020


Retail and corporate banking. 15+ mln. customers. Online/mobile banking apps redesign. Designed and implemented a design system to speed up digital transformation. Built a design team of 30+ product designers and UI-engineers, from zero to prominent and sound department. And more.

Design director

September 2013 — May 2018

Project manager

March 2012 — September 2013

Developed and launched nationwide online and offline campaigns to improve web- and mobile banking adoption rates within Alfa-Bank’s customer base. Collaborated with Disney, Visa, MasterCard.


Digital advertising agency that acquired my design studio in 2010.

Head of design studio

January 2010 — February 2020

Client engagement, web development supervision, online advertising production management, creative team management/art-direction.


Founded and managed design studio which was subsequently acquired by one of the largest digital agencies in Saint-Petersburg, Russia (2010).

Founder, designer

January 2001 — March 2012

Clients engagement, web and brand identity design, art-direction, talent management, project management.

Co-founded a successful startup while in high school (1998). The market-leading solution for accounting and automation of internet cafes. KravNetAdmin platform protected workstations from unauthorized changes and ensured precise and secure accounting of the equipment utilization. Soft5 quickly captured a significant market share and existed until 2012.

Co-founder, sales manager, designer

1998 — 2001