PFM in Alfa-Click and Alfa-Mobile

PFM is nice to have in your online and mobile banking applications, so we decided to have it in Alfa-bank. After our IT department figured out technical solutions, we started working on UI and UX and launched first phase of this project in our online and mobile banking applications.

We created approximately 15 layouts and 25 icons for different types of expenses.

Some changes were made while implementing this design into actual online banking system, but these changes weren't critical.

After conducting a deep research, we decided to split this enormous task into at least two phases: first of all, give users simple tool for sorting their expenses by MCCs (merchant category code, provided by Visa and MasterCard).

We left the planning part of PFM for second phase, for two reasons: planning is very complicated thing to produce it in web application (it is complicated to create simple and easy to use interface for such a big task, so obviously it'll take a long while to implement it) and we wanted to give users at least part of this tool as quickly as possible (to understand if they really want it and to analyze how they used it).

So, for the first phase we conducted smaller, but still important research of how people use this kind of services and what can we do to help them. We created several profiles and wrote down basic features that should've helped all of them. Then we created simple prototype and tested different use case scenarios. And only after that test designed layouts for online banking were made.

Users testing

We launched small campaign for our clients and asked them if they wanted to test this new service before The Big Launch, and received 3,784 requests in a week, and later analyzed approximately 500 reviews and user's comments. It was good experience, and we really fixed some UX issues before launching this part of our online banking application for all of our customers.

In Mobile app

A couple months later we implemented short version of PFM in our mobile banking apps. That's how it looked like in iOS 6, for example.

Sadly, in Russia it is yet impossible (due to legislation) to create aggregating services like Mint, so every technologically strong bank is trying to create something of his own (or buying solutions from third parties).


  • Ivan Vasilev — art-direction, design management, mobile app’s PFM section design
  • Yuri Chernyshev — project manager, Alfa-Bank team
  • Roman Ryzhkov — landing page design
  • Anton Vinogradov — landing page coding
  • FunkyPunky — Alfa-Click (web) PFM visualisation and design

Contact information

Ivan «RockBee» Vasilev

Ivan Vasilev

+7 985 295-80-42