Online bank Alfa-Click 2.0 launch + Iron Man 3 nationwide cobrand campaign (May–July 2013)

Alfa-Bank’s main colour is red, and the bank is well known for it’s technological and, some say, scientifical approach to daily banking. Iron Man fits this image perfectly. He is red and full of great technology. And both campaigns started approximately at the same time, that’s why it was so great to launch cobrand campaign. Here’s how we did it.


1. Create noticeable and interesting campaign (online and offline) for new online bank Alfa-Click 2.0 launch.

2. Start and finish all the creative work in just five days.

3. Combine Iron Man’s universe with Alfa-Bank’s advertising considering strict rules from Disney/Marvel.

Even those who don’t know Tony Stark’s story can see cool red robot (which can be a perfect image for our new online bank), and that is already enough to use that image in online bank advertising.

Timing was just perfect: Iron Man 3 movie launched approximately same days we launched new Alfa-Click 2.0 online banking, that’s why we teamed with Walt Disney / Marvel when they launched their Iron Man 3 campaign.

Apart from usual stuff like press-conference, we launched ad campaign with posters in major cities of bank’s presence, placed posters in branches, launched online campaign with dedicated landing page, created video showing new interfaces and another one, for cinemas, showing Tony Stark and new Alfa-Click.

The challenge was to combine Marvel’s universe with our daily life — we couldn't just paste our bank into their world, so we had to come up with ideas of applying Iron Man’s image to our bank in some separated way. And we had only 5 days to come up with all items for online and offline advertising.

Theatrical video

Combining images in one place can easily be seen in our theatrical video: I had to use several frames from Marvel’s official preview, rearrange them and write another story that started with Iron Man and ended up with Alfa-Click 2.0.

In order to do so, I used our key selling features like saving your time while having tight schedule (helicopters, Tony Stark and journalists) to use them for things you really care about (Tony and his girlfriend, Pepper), and when you really need them (tons of robots flying to help) — and here comes new Alfa-Click (video produced specially for this occasion).

Theatrical video, combining Iron Man’s universe with Alfa-Bank’s new online bank advertising.

Another video was used for demonstration during press conference (presented by Alfa-Bank’s CEO) and on landing page. It has nothing to do with Iron Man at all, but somehow it seemed like these two videos were related. This video was produced by FunkyPunky Design Studio.

Interactive slide-like landing page for online campaign

Landing page

Alfa-Click’s features

Offline posters

We created four different posters/billboards with short catchy phrases like “Flying!” (in Russian second meaning of this word stands for “something works excellent and extremely fast”), “Click him for help” and “Saving your time for achievements”.

Bonus: Illustrations

I like these illustrations, and decided to publish some of them here, since they were created specially for this campaign and later used in every medium (print booklets and online advertising, videos and websites). They were created by Sklyarov’s Studio in January 2013.

Travel insurance in Alfa-Click

Choosing your card’s accounts and currencies, swiching them in Alfa-Click

Detailed account statement

Iron Man cobrand came up really unexpected, that’s why we were really on tight schedule ourselves (like our hero in the movie), so I literally stayed in the production office for a couple of days and almost nights. We were extremely lucky to cooperate with great team called CG Production and we did that theatrical movie really fast.

We created posters, videos and special website in just a few days. After we’ve finished with creative part, our colleagues from advertising department professionally did the rest: media planning and placements in the selected media.


  • Viktor Shkipin — Alfa-Bank’s marketing director
  • Ivan Vasilev — art-direction, design, copywriting for prints and video, screenplays for both videos, web and video production management
  • Svetlana Bogdanovich, Irina Yatsenko — media-planning and placement
  • CG Production — video production and sound recording
  • FunkyPunky — demonstration video production and sound recording
  • Sklyarov’s Studio — illustrations
  • HabraHabr — landing page production

Contact information

Ivan «RockBee» Vasilev

Ivan Vasilev

+7 985 295-80-42