My book about creating trademarks and developing brand identity

There is a lot of great books for designers about branding, special techniques of creating logos, naming companies and products and selling these works to clients. But branding is not only about logos and advertising. Daily work shows various technical flaws and mistakes that were not obvious when logo was created, and thus it hurts company’s business in the future. My book is written to explain the process of creating and maintaining strong visual brand identity to clients and designers.

“I love this kind of books. Read it and use it. Subject closed!”

— Igor Mann, publisher

After years of supporting and developing brands (some of which I helped to create) I came up with an idea that it is much better to describe the process of creating logos from different perspective: how logos and identities work after designer or agency hands their work to the client.

That is why I decided to show different approach, which describes daily tasks of supporting company’s image and brand’s consistency on various mediums with keeping in mind at least few years in perspective, thus creating balanced visual brand system from the very beginning. This approach explains designer’s actions to the client and vice versa.

Wrote and designed book’s layout

Book is a good explanation for entrepreneurs (i.e. clients) and designers, because it covers both business and design/technical topics and shows the process of creating a consistent trademark from both points of view.

Text is full of contextual links between different topics, so reader can start reading from the topic that interests him right now and by following these links understand connected topics (and broaden his understanding). That was one of the hardest parts in working on book’s layout (because it was meant to be printed).

Random facts

Igor Mann (pointing at me) is well known marketing expert in Russia, as well Philip Kotler in the United States. Igor’s works are great bestsellers, and publishing house he created became one of the greatest publishing houses in Russia in just a few years. I offered him to publish my book, he liked it, and year later it became available in stores.

Book received good reviews on professional websites and was sold in about a year.

  • 3 000 pcs.
  • 272 pages.
  • 16 topics (chapters).

I created this project almost alone: from idea and text to layout and print preparations. Publisher’s editor helped me with some text polishing, and later talented illustrator created book’s cover using my sketches. So, many thanks to Anna Vysochkina, my editor, and Aleksey Pushkov, illustrator who developed my cover illustration concept into a final product. Evgeny Sergeev created digital version (epub) which is expected to be available in Q2 2015.

I plan to make the book available in the Internet for free in late 2015.

Contact information

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Ivan Vasilev

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