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Interviews to read: surviving links. The Internet has a short memory sometimes, and websites are going down from time to time. Some interviews are available as videos or podcasts (see sections below).

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Дизайнер 2022


Publications by Ivan Vasilev

Cherry-picked articles by Ivan Vasilev.

Что можно сказать по вашим лайкам

Article about Ivan's hiring research

Дизайн цифровых продуктов. Цель, роль, метод

A follow-up article on series of talks Ivan gave throughout early 2018

New York Logo Typeface Study. Recreating font from logo

A post on reconstructing a typeface from a logo

Как мы строили офис мечты с блэкджеком и пуфиками

An article about innovative fintech laboratory for better collaboration

Предлагаю скачать новый шрифт

Ivan's post about free typeface

Book on branding

More information on the book (in English) is available on this website, but here are some links for book reviews, mentions, and other book-related publications.

Обучение издательскому делу

Book review on a website about publishing

Библиотека. Практика создания товарных знаков

Book review on a website about packaging and branding/design

Практика создания товарных знаков

Mann, Ivanov and Ferber Publishing house

Public profiles

Most of the daily activity happens on Facebook, where Ivan is being followed by 5,000+ design professionals.

Ivan Vaslev at Facebook

Facebook profile

Ivan Vasilev at Youtube

Youtube channel (in Russian)

Ivan Vasilev at Codefest

Codefest event speaker's profile

Ivan Vasilev at British Higher School of Design

British Higher School of Design

Rockbee type foundry

Miscellaneous mentions

A collection of random mentions — from event announcements to a list of top-10 Russian designers (where Ivan appears as well).

Russian Design Cup

Event announcement

Russian Design Cup

Event announcement mention

Пятая версия сайта Альфа-Банка

Alfa-bank's website: collaboration with an external agency