Recent projects

Scentbird: building blocks of the perfect fragrance recommender

Fragrance recommendations based on the real-life experience

Scentbird, 2020

Picking the right fragrance online is tough, but the result is crucial both for customers and service. To build a proper recommender, we created data pipelines, gathered more data to train a new model, and completely redesigned the product card.

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Scentbird: Mobile navigation redesign

Information architecture improvements: 20% faster task completion rate

Scentbird, 2019

We removed 50% of UI elements from mobile navigation without dropping any metrics and made it easier to understand for 80% of users.

Mobile navigation redesign

Homepage redesign + onboarding: focus on a fragrance

Scentbird, 2019

The new personalized modular system helped registered users to get the most of their subscription while increasing LTV.

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Make the most out of your resume

recruiter inbox emulator

Mintblaster: rate resumes and get feedback

Designers are helping each other to improve resumes and portfolios. It is essential to get some feedback to grow. This product MVP helped 500+ designers.

End to end product prototype: recruiter inbox emulator

Mintblaster project, 2019-20

500 registrations; 9,500 resume ratings; API, candidate and hiring manager UI, notifications, resume statuses, and more. You can try it (for free) at

Part Two. Testing hypohteses and product prototype
Mintblaster project: research

How 16 hiring managers rated 240 product designer resumes: research+results

Mintblaster project, 2019-20

Design experiment/research. Candidates learned their chances to be invited for an interview, hiring managers found new employees and learned from each other, while I've got a cool data set to analyze and make a useful tool.

Part One. Research: experiment setup, process and outcomes

Manhattan Grid CSS framework

I've built this website from scratch while experimenting with CSS Grid layouts and Custom Properties (variables).

The framework supports Dark theme, mobile devices, and I paid attention to accessibility and loading speed. It was also a challenge to build semantic HTML.

CSS Grids is a powerful technology that makes previous grid-based frameworks kind of obsolete. Grids are available for 93.75% of all users (as of June 18, 2020), and it feels like it is safe to use them nowadays.

I still use the word 'framework' because of pre-built blocks that I combined and modified to build this website quicker. (Blocks, grid, I live on Manhattan — hence the name.)

Semantic web, accessibility, DRY, modern technology — I see them essential in the design process, that's why I was curious to build this thing.